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The goods’ sale through this web page is carried out under the name Crclass by Roberto Diz by CARMEN REY SL, a Spanish company located in Polígono Industrial O Campiño C/ Outeiro Redondo No. 13 36158 Marcón Pontevedra, registered in the Commercial Register of Pontevedra Sheet 74, book 895, inscription 1st page PO-846, date 11/06/90, ID No. ESB36128262, phone number 986850656 and E-mail


All purchases made through the portal (from now on, the web page), property of CARMEN REY SL, are subject to the general conditions which figure on the legal notice. Legal Conditions prevail over the On-line Purchase Conditions.
All products and services are subject to the following conditions. When you buy on our web page, you automatically accept our conditions. Please, read them carefully.
The current conditions integrally represent what agreed by all parties in matters of on-line trade transactions between CARMEN REY SL and its clients.
CARMEN REY SL is authorized to unilaterally modify all of the obligations stipulated in the conditions, without prior notice. The company is also qualified to restructure, to modify or to delete any information, service or content which is included in the web page, without prior notice.
A purchase is not definitive until accepted by CARMEN REY SL. CARMEN REY SL reserves the right to refuse admission and to cancel any order, to return the client’s paid amount and to be exempted from any other obligation.
You don’t need to be subscribed to the web page to use its main services. But in order to access to specific content and services, you must be previously subscribed and registered as User (from now on Registered User).


In accordance with the foregoing, CARMEN REY SL reserves some of the Services offered through the web page to the Registered Users.
In order to buy in the CARMEN REY SL on-line shop, private customers don’t have the need to be registered. Nevertheless, when buying as a guest, some minimum personal data will be asked (NAME, ADDRESS, E-MAIL). The data will be handled in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation. In case of professional buyers, it is compulsory to register in order to access to the on-line purchase of certain products. Your data will be saved so your future purchases will be faster. In order to register and to buy in the on-line shop you must go to the section ‘Register’, in the ‘User’ section. If you are already registered to buy in the on-line shop and you forgot your password, you must go to the section ‘Register’ and click on the option ‘Did you forget your password?’, add your e-mail address and ‘Continue’. You will immediately receive an e-mail with your password.
The user undertakes to select, use and preserve their user name and password (from now on ‘Access Codes’) in accordance with the following clauses.
Access Codes Assignment
The user will have the option to choose their own Password. The User has to choose a User Name with a valid e-mail address, through which CARMEN REY SL will be contacted.

– Use and Custody

The User undertakes to make legal and diligent use of their Access Code, as well as to not make it available to third parties.
The user undertakes to unequivocally communicate CARMEN REY SL’s Web-master about any Access Code loss, hack or risk to its access by third parties, as soon as possible.
The Access Code can only be used by the users to whom it was assigned. CARMEN REY SL is exonerated from liability which someone may accrue by damages caused or suffered because of the fraudulent usage or the lack of diligence in the custody of the Access Code, in a way which contravenes these Conditions.

– Delete user account (*)

In any moment you can delete your user account sending an e-mail to ( specifying the details from the user account that you want to delete.


All products sold in this web page are new and original.
The information provided must not be considered in any moment neither complete nor exhaustive due to the big variety of products and services which exist in the sector. For its part, CARMEN REY SL will try to constantly update product prices through constant communication with providers and manufacturers.
CARMEN REY SL declares that the offered product usually corresponds to its photography and technical description. Nevertheless, it is exonerated from liability in case of mistakes or variations between the photography, the technical description and the price, due to technical or human mistakes. Likewise, photographies have a guidance purpose, so variations on its physical aspect can exist. Nevertheless, these ones do not damage the integrity and provisions of the requested product.
CARMEN REY SL is exonerated from contents, information, opinions or comments spread through the web page, and won’t be held responsible for what the User makes with this information.



  • All prices exposed in our product lists have taxes.
    In what refers to the VAT, the corresponding tax rate will be applied always when it is susceptible of application, according to the current legislation.
  • The products’ price is written in EUROS and it includes the taxes in accordance with Spanish legislation. In the final purchase summary, the final or total price will appear. This one will show the quantity which corresponds to the specific product’s price and the quantity which corresponds to the applicable taxes.

Based on its trade policy, CARMEN REY SL can establish final price variations by loyalty, by acquisition of products of certain company or importance, or other reasons which CARMEN REY SL may stipulate in due course. Nevertheless, CARMEN REY SL will freely and voluntarily offer these discounts to whom it deems suitable. Discounts can never be demanded or requested by the client.
Prices do not include shipment. Prices are valid except in case of typographical error . All sales will be performed with its corresponding bill. Products are for sale while stock lasts.
Shown prices can be modified in any moment by CARMEN REY SL.
Once the payment is checked, CARMEN REY SL will begin the order’s processing.


Once in your account you will see your cart and then you must click on ‘Confirm Order’ and you will be sent to Shipment and Payment. Here you must specify if you want the order to be sent to your registration address or to a different one, and then you must pay according to the payment method you selected by clicking in ‘Finish Order-Order with obligation to pay”. Once the payment is done, you will see the order’s register confirmation and you will immediately receive this one by e-mail.
The bill will be issued with the provided data once the payment is confirmed, received and handled. You can get the bill in the following ways:
– Download it in your personal area.
– Send it to your e-mail address.
– Send it with your order.

  • Transference. If you choose the transfer payment (or money deposit) we will provide you an account number for making payment.
  • Credit card. The payment with credit card will be made through a payment gateway with a secure banking institution server . The credit card data will never be stored in our database. These data are handled by the banking institution,
  • Paypal. The payment will be made through Paypal, the international payment system. This payment method has a 4% commission fee. For further information


    CARMEN REY SL will not send any product until the Administration Department has checked that the payment has been made.
    The delivery will be considered to be done in the moment in which the carrier has made the products available to the client and this latter has signed the delivery receipt. It is the client’s duty to verify the products’ receipt and to expose all the reservations and claims which may be justified on the delivery receipt.
    CARMEN REY SL will send the products by whichever mean it considers appropriate in order to fulfill its commitments.


    A postage and package additional cost will be applied depending on the selected delivery area and products. Postage and packing to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla do not include custom duties. Nevertheless, CARMEN REY SL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REQUEST AN ADDITIONAL QUANTITY for specially heavy or large orders. In case this happens and the client is not interested in formalizing the order with the shown postage and packing fees, the money paid will be returned and the order will be canceled. CARMEN REY SL will be exempted from any other kind of commitment or obligation with the client.

    – Delivery date

    Generally, a cushions’ order is sent (from our offices to its destination) in a 4 to 6 workdays period, for those who sent us their proof of payment before twelve noon (12:00). If the proof of payment is sent after this time, it will take 8 workdays. The delivery at destination will be made depending on the area. On the Spanish mainland, it will take place on the working day which is following the shipment day. For deliveries in the Baleares Islands it can take 2 or 3 days more. Nevertheless, these times are used for guidance and can change because of reasons which may not related to our company. CARMEN REY SL is not committed to any certain delivery time, since this one depends on third parties.
    Furniture orders will be delivered six weeks after receiving the proof of payment and the delivery at destiny will take between 5 to 7 days more.
    Carpets’ orders will be delivered nine weeks after receiving the proof of payment and the delivery at destination will take from 5 to 6 natural days.
    Out of stock
    In our web page we sell both, products in stock and products manufactured on demand. Nevertheless, the synchronization between the web page and the warehouse is not immediate. Furthermore, in the time period between the registration of the order in the web page until we receive and process the proof of payment, a product can be out of stock. Therefore, in some cases we may not be able to fulfill an order.
    In case it is not possible to provide a product because of lack of stock, CARMEN REY SL will get in contact with the client to communicate it, cancel the order and immediately give the money back through credit transfer.
    In these cases, the money will be returned to the client and the order will be canceled. IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN THE PRODUCT PRICE WHICH IS OUT OF STOCK UNTIL IT IS REPLENISHED, since the product price changes in each replacement depending on the purchase price.

    When the goods are delivered, the User must sign the delivery note giving his assent to the effected delivery. The customer satisfaction in the delivery note involves the liability waiver of any kind of claims or complaints related to the ordered and received goods.
    Goods travel to its destination with a fully comprehensive insurance by CARMEN REY SL. The insurance costs will be included in the corresponding price of postage.
    In order to make the insurance and to rectify any delivery mistake, it is an essential condition to clarify any incidence referring to the received goods or its packaging in the ‘observations’ section of the delivery receipt. It is also essential to communicate CARMEN REY SL such an incidence within 24 hours, whether by telephone or by e-mail in the section ‘Contact Us’.
    If these conditions are not fulfilled, CARMEN REY SL will not take any responsibility for such goods.


    – Third parties’ products:
    CARMEN REY SL ‘s clients are benefited from the warranty given by the different manufacturers of each one of these goods.
    CARMEN REY SL will not answer for possible defects which the provided products can have, under any circumstance. The own manufacturer will be the one who will respond to the possible damages which the product may suffer, with their own warranty.
    The damages caused because of an incorrect usage of the material, or the wear produced on it because of its normal usage are not included in the warranty.
    The decreases in the goods’ functionality, caused by its design limitations will also be excluded from this warranty coverage.

    – Own products
    According to the current legislation, goods have a two years warranty. To carry out the warranty claim, the product must be returned with its original packaging and always with the previous authorization of the Customer Service Department to (
    The damages caused because of an incorrect usage of the material, or the wear produced on it because of its normal usage are not included in the warranty.
    The decreases in the goods’ functionality, caused by its design limitation will also be excluded from this warranty coverage.


    How to exercise the right of withdrawal:

    To exercise the right of withdrawal of the products bought in the web, you must declare the unequivocal decision to withdraw the contract within 14 calendar days, in the following manner:
    · In order to return the product through the web page, you must contact our Customer Service through the phone number 0034 986850656, or through the e-mail address to unequivocally withdraw the contract.
    · Without prejudice to the provision of the previous paragraphs, you can also choose to exercise your right of withdrawal completing and sending to the e-mail address the downloadable withdrawal form. HERE, in which case, we will communicate you the withdrawal receipt by e-mail without any delay.
    The right of withdrawal will be considered as exercised when you have sent the communication related to the exercise of this right before the corresponding period finishes, in the previously mentioned terms.

    Withdrawal consequences: In case you exercise the right of withdrawal, we will return you all received payments, excluding posting and packing without undue delay. This will take maximum 14 calendar days since the day you communicate us your decision to withdraw the contract. We will proceed to effect the reimbursement using the same paying method as in the product’s purchase, without incurring any expenses as a consequence of the reimbursement, except from the product’s devolution expenses. Your right to withdraw the contract will only be applied to those products returned in the same conditions they were when received. No reimbursement will be effected if the product has been used after its unpacking, if it is not in the same conditions as when delivered or if it suffered any damage, stain, etc. Therefore you must be careful. In the Crotalus and Ivy references, small white stains will not be a reason for returning the product, since this is a natural fabric characteristic.


    There are claim forms available to the client. The form can be requested to our customer service department by telephone or by e-mail, and we will send it to the specified address.


    Disputes between parties coming only from on-line concluded contracts, can be solved in an extrajudicial manner through the on-line dispute resolution platform, published by the European Commission. Here you will find all necessary information to exercise the corresponding actions.
    The link to the platform from which you can exercise the corresponding claim is the following one:


    In case none of the parties has gone for an alternative dispute resolution, or in case one of the parts does not agree with the resolution for this kind of procedure:
    Parties will be submitted to the courts and tribunals of the CARMEN REY SL. domicile, in order to solve the dispute and waiving any other jurisdiction Regarding fundamental issues resulting from the compliance/ breach of the agreed conditions, these will be guided by what is agreed on them and collaterally in accordance to the Civil Code and complementary legislation which can be applied to the case.